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Maggie Austin Cake : Artistry and Technique

Maggie Austin Cake : Artistry and Technique

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Number Of Pages: 304

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Language: English

ISBN-10: 0544765354

ISBN-13: 9780544765351

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Maggie Austin Cake : Artistry and Technique - A former ballerina, Maggie Austin turned to baking when an injury ended her dancing career - and has since become one of today's most sought-after cake artists, serving celebrity clients and even royalty around the world. Her design hallmarks are instantly recognisable to the legions of fans who follow her work: ethereal frills, dreamy watercolours, life like sugar flowers, rice-paper accents, graceful composition, and other impeccable details. Here, she shares a collection of her edible works of art and the methods behind their creation, with a "theme and variations" organisation that shows how mastering any single technique can open the door to endless creativity. Each is broken down into clear instructions and illustrated with step-by-step photos that are easy to follow whether you're a professional baker or an amateur enthusiast. From a single sugar blossom to a multi-tiered cake festooned with pearls and intricate appliques, there's inspiration for bakers and crafters of all stripes.